Yii2 tests: Codeception configuration and first test
| Yii2

codeception logoThis tutorial is for Yii2 Basic Application Template. Yii2 especially the version 2.0.10+ help to begin tests with codeception. If Yii2 and codeception are install, we can compile and run default tests with command: (root path of application). Read more…

Redirect http to https and WWW to non-WWW NGINX Yii2 WordPress
| NGINX Yii2

nginx folderFull example redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS and WWW to non-WWW with Nginx. You can use this for to WordPress, Yii2 basic application template. Read more…

Skype install problem api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll
| Software

Uninstall skype and download version 7.32: Read more…

Yii2 SEO: Pretty URLs, meta titles and meta descriptions
| Yii2

yii2 seo For search engine optimization SEO consists of many parts. I chose a few: Read more…

Which Yii2 project template to choose, basic or advanced?
| Yii2

yii2 basic or advancedBefore installation framework Yii2 we have to choose two version: Yii2 Basic Project Template and Yi2 Advanced Project Template
Looking at the functionality of both version can have the same functions. Even if the basic version does not have some functionality, can be added.

The main different of these versions is that the Yii2-app-advanced contain 2 separated application (folder frontend and backend) with shared code (folder common and vendor). Read more…

Installing framework Yii2 basic advanced on Linux
| Yii2

yii2 install
Install framework Yii2 is very simple, if you have correctly install system to management packages PHP – composer. Read more…

Nginx – configuration disallow files access

Nginx disallow filesThis code allow access to files with only chosen extensions e.g : html|css|js|jpeg|jpg|png and disallow access to all the rest files: Read more…

Easy installation of Composer on Debian Linux
| Programming

composer installThe first step of the installation are the same as on the site web of composer Read more…