Small docker container with numpy Pillow Pyhon3 for flask micro-service appliaction
| DevOps

In fist stage we are build docker container needed to compile numpy, Pillow and many other packages to wheel files. That container have ~500mb
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Sqlalchemy project – example of architecture
| Python3

First files contains all class with schemas tables. This example is pseudocode
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Yii2 and MongoDb configuration with PHP7.0-fpm and NGiNX
| Yii2

peclList to do:
– Install MongoDB on Debian/Linux
– Install requires MongoDB PHP Extension
– Install MongoDB Extension for Yii 2
– Yii2 file configuration to use MongoDB
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NGINX phpMyAdmin configuration on localhost
| DevOps

nginxIf NGINX and MariaDb/MySQL are installed, can start install and configuration phpMyAadmin (PMA). This article is for Linux system. If you need phpMyAdmin on server with access from internet, recommended see article NGINX phpMyAdmin configuration – remote server
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Installation LEMP – Linux Nginx MariaDB PHP7
| DevOps

maria db fundationIf we have installed Linux system, we can to go install the rest of the kit LEMP Linux, NGINX, MariaDb i PHP7. Since the first time, when I installed NGINX, Apache seems to me less attractive.
MariaDB instead MySQL I chose technical but also ehical reasons. Fast of PHP7 will improve the approach to this language. Together LEMP is very fast and powerful set.
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Can’t connect to Webdriver at

php testsIf until tests acceptance of codeception you see error :Please make sure that Selenium Server or PhantomJS is running. I propose simple solution.
You can change in modul WebDriver to PhpBrowser Read more…

NGINX phpMyAdmin configuration on server remote

nginxAfter install NGINX ns MariaDb/MySQL we can start install and configuration phpMyAdmin (PMA). This article is for Linux system with remote access (remember security). If you configuring PMA on localhost Read more…

Yii2: configuration of the framework, components and modules
| Yii2

yii2 logoConfiguration file Yii2 basic template is in the path config/web.php. In case of configuration Yii2 advanced template, frontend and backend have their own configuration files: frontend/config/main.php and backend/config/main.php
Additionally, get the configuration from a common file common/config/main.php Read more…

Nginx config for Yii2 advanced project
| Yii2

nginxTo work properly Yii2 framework with NGINX, have to do:
Do poprawnej pracy frameworka Yii z serwerem HTTP Nginx, nale┼╝y:

  1. Install framework Yii2 template advanced
  2. Configuration NIGNX in config file
  3. Configuration Yii2 in backend config file

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Yii2 form field
| Yii2

yii2 logo
This description is for Yii2 forms with model.
Form can have many type of fields. e.g:

  1. Field input (single-line)
  2. Field textarea (multi-line)
  3. Field radio (one choice)
  4. Field checkbox (one or several selection)
  5. Field select/dropDownList (one or several selection)
  6. Field hidden
  7. Field upload file
  8. Field password
  9. Field with a choice of type HTML5
    • text
    • rmail
    • password
    • date
    • number
    • Address URL
    • phone number
    • color
    • range

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