NGINX phpMyAdmin configuration on localhost
| DevOps

nginxIf NGINX and MariaDb/MySQL are installed, can start install and configuration phpMyAadmin (PMA). This article is for Linux system. If you need phpMyAdmin on server with access from internet, recommended see article NGINX phpMyAdmin configuration – remote server
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Installation LEMP – Linux Nginx MariaDB PHP7
| DevOps

maria db fundationIf we have installed Linux system, we can to go install the rest of the kit LEMP Linux, NGINX, MariaDb i PHP7. Since the first time, when I installed NGINX, Apache seems to me less attractive.
MariaDB instead MySQL I chose technical but also ehical reasons. Fast of PHP7 will improve the approach to this language. Together LEMP is very fast and powerful set.
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NGINX phpMyAdmin configuration on server remote

nginxAfter install NGINX ns MariaDb/MySQL we can start install and configuration phpMyAdmin (PMA). This article is for Linux system with remote access (remember security). If you configuring PMA on localhost Read more…

Redirect http to https and WWW to non-WWW NGINX Yii2 WordPress
| NGINX Yii2

nginx folderFull example redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS and WWW to non-WWW with Nginx. You can use this for to WordPress, Yii2 basic application template. Read more…

Nginx – configuration disallow files access

Nginx disallow filesThis code allow access to files with only chosen extensions e.g : html|css|js|jpeg|jpg|png and disallow access to all the rest files: Read more…